After a collision on Toll Road in south Reno, the Nevada Department of Agriculture officials urge motorists to use extreme caution when driving in the Virginia Range area. The collision took place at night last week and involved two vehicles and three feral horses. The motorists sustained no injuries, but the accident resulted in two dead horses.

Horses in this area cross roadways in search of feed and water sources especially during the fall months when forage becomes scarce. Drivers should remain alert and aware, and be sure to obey all traffic laws, including posted speed limits in this area. The range includes the areas of Fernley, Dayton, Lockwood, south Reno, Hidden Valley, Silver Springs, Virginia City and east of Carson City. Extra caution should be taken at dusk and during the night.

“We can’t stress enough how important it is to use extreme caution and assume there are animals on the road,” Flint Wright, administrator for the NDA Animal Industry Division, said. “We are doing everything we can to keep these animals off the road for public safety and the safety of the horses.”

To report horses near an unfenced road or on a roadway, please call the horse hotline at (775) 353-3608 or email