Current politics


Recently, I watched The Rise and Fall of El Chapo on the History Channel. Wow, I was amazed at the fact that so many people were disconcerted and rallied on his behalf when he got caught. I assume it was because he helped their communities so much.

Sadly, this tells me that their support of El Chapo reinforces the idea that when people are destitute they will do whatever it takes to survive. In this case the people settled for a drug lord who gave them so much. So while the right hand was doing the killing and providing drugs to massive populations, the left hand, in this case the people, chose to turn a blind eye – they were recipients of handouts and blood money.

I see a correlation here. El Chapo and his corrupt cartel helping the poor – not asking them for anything but surely expecting their silence. Our current government is also helping the poor and somewhat keeping them at ease by providing substantial assistance through welfare programs. It relies on minorities for a great majority of the voter support.

Why? They perceive many of them as too ignorant to research or care about what is really happening in Washington politics. They know only too well that as long as welfare programs stay intact and the handouts keep coming that many minorities will give them total voter support. It is apparent that these politicians’ intent is to keep the poor poor — a perfect example of socialism.

Socialism is also the greatest generator of poverty. Democratic socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically—to meet public needs, and not make profits for a few. Oops, someone forgot to tell Hillary Clinton about that belief!

Think about it. Government handouts, through reckless welfare programs, take precedence over promoting a productive healthy work ethic and creation of jobs. I wish that instead of just giving welfare, the government would create something in line with what the civil conservation corps offered. Programs that motivate and train the uneducated are – where?!? I am guessing this might be less costly than welfare. Government cripples people into dependency. Why? When one is accustomed to getting handouts it reinforces dependence at the core level. Poverty has gotten worse over the years and jobs harder to find. Politicians know exactly what many, in a minority culture, want to hear and makes sure those words/promises resound like lightning bolts.

Corruption and evil seem to rule the hearts of the greedy. It is not just about jobs. It is about America and how government appears to focus more on helping other countries than making America/Americans their #1 priority. What kind of future awaits our children? Wake up people.

Finally, I lived through segregation in the 60’s. You would think that today 55+ years later all people would treat each other without bias because of color. I will say that I am bias against anyone who thinks society owes them something.

Both presidential candidates in this election are disgusting! Their advertisements and speeches are not helping; they are reinforcing bias and reviving discrimination. The media, too, is disgusting for continually reiterating it over and over again, thereby, reinforcing continued hate and bias.