Local Utility Customers Targeted in Scam

Some Reliance Connects customers have received email invitations to complete a survey in exchange for a prize or gift card. These messages are phishing scams designed to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing information that could be used to compromise financial accounts or commit identity theft.

While these scams are not uncommon the current messages make specific mention of Reliance Connects and associated names such as Cascade Utilities or Rio Virgin Telephone and Cablevision. Scammers are using public knowledge of local providers to mislead their targets. No personal or private information hosted on Reliance Connects servers has been accessed or compromised.

When a fee or shipping charges are required to claim a prize, it is always a scam. For more information, please visit https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0199-prize-scams.

If you suspect your personal information security has been breached change your passwords immediately then contact the appropriate law enforcement agencies.