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Living in Fall River, Massachusetts, Vanessa’s artistic talent evolved through her talents as a designer, from hair design to many restoration projects, which fanned the flames of her creative heart.  Stripping away the old to see what lies beneath, allowed her in-the-moment free flowing artistic nature to emerge. Vanessa was about to embark on another journey that would reveal the power and glory of a universe she had not yet experienced.

In 2010 Vanessa and her husband Allan decided to move to the Southwest and settle in our wonderful town of Mesquite, Nevada.  She became enamored with the vast night sky, WOW! she could see the stars and watch the light change into hues of purple and deep blues as night approached.  Perhaps you, too, have had a similar occurrence as you stepped into the song, “America the Beautiful.”

Sitting for hours every evening, a new level of desire awakened within Vanessa, a passion to give a voice to her heart-felt experiences through art.  She discovered the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery and began to take art classes.  Inspired with the open spaces of her new surroundings, Vanessa uses the medium of watercolor to paint her many award winning paintings.  She loves the freedom of the medium and the “happy surprises” of blended colors.

You are invited to experience Vanessa’s inspirational paintings the entire month of March.  The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery is located at 15 Mesquite Blvd., Monday to Saturday, 10 – 4, or call 702-346-1338 with any questions.

You can meet the Vanessa at our open to the public reception Thursday, March 21st, from 4-6pm.