OPD No. 5 has received several reports from residents and businesses of being contacted via telephone by a person who identifies himself/herself as an employee from the “Electric Company.” The scammer tells the victims that the “Electric Company” has not received their payment and the bill is past due. They request payment immediately threatening the power will be turned off.

Please, if you receive a call of this nature or you are not sure you are talking to an employee of OPD No. 5 do not provide any personal/financial information over the phone. Hang up and contact us directly at the numbers listed below.

OPD No. 5 will not contact you after 5 p.m. weekdays, on a weekend or holidays. OPD No. 5 will not demand immediate payment over the phone or through a third party.

If you receive a phone call of this nature write down the telephone number and the name of the person calling and report it immediately to your local authorities. This information can be helpful to the police department. If you have any questions regarding your bill contact OPD No. 5 during regular business hours directly at 702-346-5710 or 702-397-2512 Monday – Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.