July 1904: A flood came down the Virgin River bringing a lot of mud.

July 1929: 24 cars counted in one hour. An estimated 369 cars had passed the Virgin Valley on the Arrowhead Trail.

July 1991: At the Mesquite Farmstead Water Assoc monthly meeting minutes it states: Randy Black contacted Rick and requested that he be allowed to paint a Virgin River Casino logo on the one million storage tank above the Virgin River Casino. The Board denied the request.

July 1913: Milton Earl, John Leavitt, Miss Lovien Leavitt, Willard Leavitt, Stephen and Levi Bowman came over from Bunkerville today to find work for a while.

July 19, 1917: Yesterday in Washington the greatest drawing in history took place. Ten thousand five hundred numbers were drawn to determine the order in which the fighting men would be called to the colors. Today a list of Clark County men in the first 2,000 numbers was released. These 28 are the first men who will be called for examination before the exemption boards.