The number of building permits issued in June by the city of Mesquite’s building department slightly declined by five compared to a year ago coming in at 87. However, the value of the permits jumped by $2 million to $4.558 million from June 2015.

As usual, permits for single family residences led the way increasing from $2,193,803 last year to $4,088,760 this year. Nineteen permits for new homes were issued compared to 12 in 2015.

Pulte Homes of Nevada pulled eight permits in June with values ranging from a high of $283,140 to a low of $142,896. LHSC home builders and Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) each took out four permits for new homes in the Canyon Crest area. Warmington Residential Nevada, Meadowland Enterprises, and Construction West each took one permit for new single family residences.

Eighteen residential modifications with a valuation of $103,684 were issued in June compared to 13 issued in June 2015 with a $51,853 value.

While four permits for commercial modifications were issued last year none were sought this year. The number of new business permits were the same at three for both this June and last year.

The number of permits for block walls fell from 11 last year to eight this year. Four permits for swimming pools were issued in June, equal to that of a year ago.

No grading or demolition permits were issued in June by the city.

At this point in 2015, 421 permits were issued by the city with a total valuation of $19.587 million. For the first six months of this year, 587 permits have been issued with a total valuation of $27.556 million.