FC-Crush-06-23-16-02To prove that the CRUSH ladies competed in Utah Summer Games over the course of three days, June 9, 10 and 11. 

Utah summer games is one of the biggest youth sporting events in the nation, hosting numerous events over a week-long period. Youth teams from many different states attend the event.

The CRUSH girls made their way through the early stages of the bracket round, going undefeated.  The young ladies played teams from northern Utah.

The girls accomplished this while having to sometimes play two games in one day, but the girls’ heart and determination carried them on advancing them to the semifinals.

In the semifinal game CRUSH defeated a very talented Southern Utah Premier team to make their way to the final game.

During the championship game the ladies from Mesquite played very well, however they fell short and were defeated by a powerful Cedar Fury team. 

FC-Crush-06-23-16-01Coaches Scott Trimming and Sal Munoz said they were very proud of the young ladies’ performance and are very excited for the upcoming season.

The beautiful young ladies that participated in the tournament as FC Mesquite CRUSH are Adison Snyder, Alley Shaner, Angela Ludena, Aranza Mendez, Dani Correa, Emma Hughes, Jaymie Hulet, LeslieSalazar, Malia McOmie, Maya Stokes, Natalia Zarate, Raeanna Slack, Zoey Tobler, Aimee Stenberg, Jayde Tafili, Paola Garcia, Josselyn Hernandez and Sarah Barnum.