Like a bunch of kindergarten kids the forward tee players started the day at Coral Canyon golf course sounding like the “three little bears” trying to decide which tee to play from. The whites are just a “little” too long and the red is just a “little” too short. So some took matters into their own hands and started hitting from the red tees, that is once they found them so far up from the white.

The first hole was the par four number 10. Tim Bergstrom was talked into hitting his driver and drove over the green. The rest of the “ladies” were all near the green on their drives. It was so short that on the normal par three 6th hole it was only 38 yards to the pin. One player was overheard saying, “can you imagine if you got a hole in one today and had to admit it was only 38 yards?”

At the end of the day the course got the best of even these senior players. Don Mannon and Bubba Petrick were the only players to break 80 with a 77 and a 78 respectively. Low net was a four way tie between Tim Bergstrom (81), Bubba Petrick (78), Willie Nelson (90) and Ray Halicki (91) with net 68’s. Bergstrom’s birdie four on the 2nd handicap hole won first place low net.




Sterling Johnson shot one of his best rounds in quite some time at the CasaBlanca golf course on Thursday. He recorded birdies on one, three, eight and nine for a fantastic one under par 35. He would birdie the next hole, number 10 to go two under. He scored three straight fives and finished the last three holes with fours to record a 42 and a nice total round of 77. Great round Sterling. His nice round was good enough for second low gross as Andrew Yeh with 39-36-75 was medalist.

You would still think on this day that Johnson’s net 64 would win low net but it didn’t. In fact, he lost it by two shots as Ray Halicki shot a pair of 41’s for 82 and net 62 to earn first place low net. Four players, Willie Nelson (89), David Shaw (88), Kim Tomsic (82) and Dick Swayne (83) were tied for third low net at 69. The big rounds of Nelson and Halicki kept Nelson in first place in the summer tournament and moved Halicki up to second. Johnson’s huge score shot him from the 29th slot up to 14th.

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