Left to Right Kathy Carrick, Rose Fox, and Sherrie Hamilton.

By Abbey Snow

The Mesquite Republican Women’s Club gathered Wednesday afternoon at the Mesquite Veterans Center to honor those Veterans who have served our country.

President of the Mesquite Republican Women’s Club, Janey Castro, said the group decided to dedicate their November monthly meeting to honoring our local veterans and show their collective appreciation for their service. They invited all veterans regardless of party affiliation to the event.

Virgin Valley High School Chamber Choir received after singing “Thank you Soldiers”

While people were arriving to the event, the Virgin Valley High Guitar Ensemble played patriotic music.

A history inspired program, written by Sherrie Hamilton, was also delivered by three speakers; Sherrie Hamilton, Rose Fox & Kathy Carrick.

As the three ladies, Hamilton, Fox and Carrick took turns speaking some comments that were made are:

“This great country has endured longer than any other,” Hamilton said. “It is because of those who stepped up and were willing to die for their country if needed to secure its independence.”

“We need to set the example; to encourage and support the lamplighters who carry the torch of freedom,” Carrick said.

The three spoke of various time periods in U S History of wars and those who fought and died for freedom. They explained how some were large world wars, and some were civil fights.

VFW Post Commander, Chuck Caldwell

“Now we’re engaged in a different kind of battle, the war on terrorism, where hundreds of thousands have served in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Hamilton said. “Many have served numerous combat tours.”

“Americans should be inspired with astonishment and gratitude for the liberties and freedoms which have been secured by those willing to undertake the tremendous burdens of war,” Fox said.

At the conclusion of the three-person narrator speech, they commented:

“It is not the sacrifice of one veteran, but of all veterans of all American wars that afforded us the opportunity to stand here today in freedom,” Fox said.

“We thank all Veteran’s, for they gave their tomorrows so that we could have our todays,” Carrick said.

The Virgin Valley Chamber Choir then sang “Thank you Soldiers” directed by Marie Palmer.

Post 7385 Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Chuck Caldwell, was introduced as the guest speaker. He talked about what services the Mesquite Veterans Center offers Veterans. He also said things are improving in regard to the Veteran Hospitals and clinics, but there was still room for improvement.

“Mesquite is a great town with a lot of focus on our Veterans,” Castro said. “Since our meetings are held at the Veterans Center each month, we are constantly reminded of their service and sacrifices.  Veterans from war times and times of peace sacrifice so much to see that we are able to remain the great country that we are, and to defend our freedoms. This was one small way to say ‘thank you’. “