Whether you’re planning a road trip soon or just having to travel through road construction to get to your final destination, pay attention to the new lines they’ve painted and, or… any signs posted through the areas. One of the most common signs would be “Reduced Speed, Fines Doubled.” Paying attention to the signs should be important to everyone, but I’m realizing that those who travel these roads often… seem to ignore. Recently while traveling through a construction zone the sign posted a limit of 50 mph, but as I reduced my speed to 55mph others continued to pass me as if I were standing still. I was in disbelief, as so many cars continued to speed through the area. It’s as if the drivers feel they are above the law, and off they go, making their way through the construction zone, cutting across solid lines, weaving in and out like some x-box game.

For people that like to plan their Memorial weekend vacation by taking a road trip, it will benefit you to take a closer look at possible road conditions you might encounter. One informative site you can check is www.fhwa.dot.gov (Federal Highway Administration), while another tip would be checking with your local AAA office for any updates. For those of you that are not familiar with all of the construction signs, you can browse the site www.osha.gov/doc/highway_workzones/mutcd . You can click on links which describe a flagger’s position in the zones, to some newer signage that sites might be utilizing. Either way, it’s a good idea to brush up on what these signs mean, along with the cost of fines if you were to disregard them. Also, you may find a 13 page pamphlet you can print out at www.workzonesafety.org which might benefit newer drivers (such as teens), so they become familiar with the rules of construction. I’ve seen young people fly through these areas, not to mention crossing solid lines in these zones; which by the way… one may ‘not’ pass into the other lane if lines are solid. I see this often while driving through construction zones. There’s no time like the present to brush up on ‘safe driving’ and road hazards. Speed limit signs change frequently through construction zones, so it’s important you pay close attention while cruising through these areas. Even if you don’t spot a worker on the road, you must pay attention to the limits; just because they aren’t working at the particular time you drive through the area doesn’t mean you can disregard the sign. It is with ‘hope’ that drivers pay better attention this year while driving through work zones, having less fatalities as a result.

Drivers need to be more attentive, along with less texting this year. As we enter the warmer months, there will be more drivers on the roads, so please drive with caution. All lives matter, and the men and women that work on open highways risk their lives every day they are out there. Please remember that they have families they’d like to go home to every night also. Safety first, and don’t use excessive speed; it’s not worth the accident you may cause, not to mention possibly taking a life (if not your own).

Make your week count.