CubScouts-04-28-16Cub Scouts ages 8-10 participated in Cub Scout Day Camp Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16. There were 140 cub scouts from Webelos, Bears and Wolf dens representing 10 packs sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Pack 8 sponsored by the Mesquite Resort Association.

The Webelos, age 10, went on a hike on Friday to complete their requirements.  Saturday the scouts attended classes such as Call of the Wild, First Responders, Digging in the Past, Coins, BB guns and archery, soap carving, building tool boxes, and making wood plaques.

The theme of the day camp was Star Wars and each cub scout received a t-shirt with Star Wars on it. There were many leaders and teachers who taught classes and supervised the scouts and their service was greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the Bairds for bringing their exotic animals; Jacob Baird and his sons brought snakes and tarantulas and talked to the scouts about wild creatures.  They had a Rosy Boa, Ball Python, and a Red Tail Boa.

Thanks to the Donkey Rescue group from Scenic. They brought their rescued animals to help the with a Bear requirement. Kris King and her alliance group, the 501st Legion who help non-profit groups brought thirteen characters from Vegas and the Saber Guild who taught the Jedi training.

Thanks to Cody and Jodi Thornley and Daniel Felix who helped with the props and paintings while Bethany Green and Amy Anderson provided the sound and narrating.  A big thanks goes to Krissy Thornton and her committee for creating a special, fun learning experience for the Scouts. Thornton said, “It was so much fun. I wish I could do that every day to see those boys light up every day!”