Dear Editor,
Friday, April 1, the Senior Center held its annual ‘50’s sock hop at the center.  Many, many seniors and some younger folk had a great time.  We saw poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and denim pants rolled up.  Griseyda Belalcazar, Senior Services Supervisor, and Krissy Thornton, Senior Program Assistant, outdid themselves:  the planning, great decorations, music, food, all of it clicked.  The late afternoon was fun for everyone.  The extra effort and work devoted to this event was enormous and so appreciated.  Griseyda is like the energizer bunny.  Krissy, her assistant, is the assistant energizer.  The two of them together work wonders in the senior center.  They obviously enjoy working with people.
Typical diner food was available at great prices; many were enjoying hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, root beer floats but the main food attraction was the old-fashioned banana split.   A $3 bargain price and you had a three-scoop, three-flavored banana split topped with real whipped cream and a cherry.  Leora sold a lot of splits!   Conchita cooked a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs.  The two of them ALWAYS volunteer their time and support all senior center activities.  All staff members are very supportive of Griseyda and center activities.
Unfortunately, we didn’t see any city council members on the dance floor.  Had any of them attended I’m sure they would have been enticed to “twist” again or perhaps “stroll” across the floor, or even “jerk” while waiting to line dance.  We saw it all and all participated.  It was a fun time for all.  Not to fret, though, I’m sure we’ll see our council members as election season grows close.  It’s a shame those council members don’t come around when we are at play and can prove ourselves worthy of their support and interest and the senior center, itself, is a great place to visit for lunch, meet new people, or simply to people watch and notice the great variety of people enjoying our JEWEL IN THE DESERT!  The Mesquite Senior Center.
Noticeably absent, was the director of Athletics and Leisure Services, Nick Montoya, or his representative.  Every employee likes to be noticed for their hard work and extra effort.  I don’t believe there was anyone from city government at the 50’s dance to compliment Griseyda and staff for the success of the sock hop and thank them for their hours of extra effort and work.  As a retired teacher I know how defeated that makes one feel:  you take on a job with joy, put forth 110% effort and work for success.  Friday afternoon no one from the city or, more importantly, the recreation center attends.   It’s a disappointment, yes, but you tell yourself it doesn’t matter.   Overtime, the no shows build up and, yes, it hurts.  Sooner or later it works on morale.
A sock hop is a great way to get seniors moving and forgetting about their arthritis and other aches and pains.  And we all did it with a smile on our faces and a little chocolate syrup on our lips.  Some of us paid for it on Saturday and had to lay low with the heating pad and/or ice packs but we’ll be back on the dance floor at the next opportunity!
Thank you, Griseyda and staff, for this activity and many others in the past.  We seniors appreciate you.  You always shine going over the top!  You make it fun and leave seniors wanting more!

Donna Perko
Mesquite, NV