Sadly, there are people that continue to prey on others, not to mention how they frighten the elderly when doing so. It’s something we all need to be aware of, keeping up to date on current scams so we may inform those who may not be. As tax time draws near a close, people begin to feel anxious; it’s just the way it is, especially when it comes to our money. We all need to be vigilant in keeping our personal information private, and not so willing to give it out over a telephone conversation with which you don’t know, whether you believe it is an actual company, bank or any other business.

Earlier this morning, while getting my coffee the phone rang. Unable to pick it up on time a voicemail was left. The message I received stated that they were the IRS and had been trying to reach me, and that this was the final call before they pursue a lawsuit against me. It grabbed my attention immediately; if the coffee didn’t wake me, this phone message sure did! Before deciding to return this call, I searched for similar possible scams online. Sure enough… it has been making the rounds since January and most likely will continue. I’ve written about several scams in the past, but they seem to get more aggressive with time. They also sound very real, not to mention professional, depending on the type of scam. The first place I decided to search is the Federal Trade Commission. Apparently this scam has been around before this year, but now these scammers will tell you they are a banker, lawyer, or law enforcement. Never should you get a call from the IRS in regards to any lawsuit. They inform you of any problems by mail. If you are feeling unsure, you should be the one to make the initial contact with the Internal Revenue Service. If you need help, you can always reach out to your local library and they can assist you with the proper information.

Unfortunately, ID theft continues, with no real sign of slowing down, this includes having fraudulent taxes done in your name before you get the chance to actually file. The people who work these scams have no conscious what-so-ever. Software gets stronger every year in order to protect us, but as soon as we receive it, it’s only a quick second before they come up with new techniques for hacking them. Keeping our identities secure has become a full time job; it also comes with a price. Finding the right company to monitor your activities and credit is a great option for those that have compromised identities or stolen property. I don’t want to sound redundant on this subject, but our identities is so important… you don’t want to experience what it’s like to have that taken from you. For me, it’s a lifelong commitment to protect what I have left, leaving me anxious when I’m told that my email or any other account has been compromised by a thief. Be careful… be proactive… and watch your use online. They are watching whoever they can, as they use phishing scams hoping for that one weak moment in which they grab your information for their own use. It’s the way of the world today.

Make your week count.