Life is full of challenges and sometimes overwhelming for many. Blocking or avoiding bad energy and toxic people from our lives can take a toll, while pulling on those heart strings… which makes it more difficult.  Some will feel ‘stuck’ in life, but it doesn’t have to be that way because there is hope. Once you begin to feel hopeful, opportunity may present itself in ways to making your life feel fuller, while training yourself to be happy. Yes… I said training yourself; it is a learned behavior for many, though it’s beneficial for everyone.

Stability in our lives is a priority; reason being that life has its costs of living, such as housing and whatnot; a necessary piece of the puzzle to our own map of life. In many cases, people have been struggling to meet their financial needs, so skepticism starts to manifest itself. I cannot emphasize enough at how harmful this is to one’s situation. People are now learning to live with less, and are pursuing happiness rather than animosity. We need to be “in the moment” of our lives sometimes; realizing small moments through your day will bring grace and peace within. We all have the ability to make the most of our lives; “Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things.” ~ Booker T. Washington. Embracing all you have instead of what you don’t have … is a start. Also, ridding yourself of distractions such as; cell phones, among other things, will let you be present with others. It’s an opportunity to engage in real conversation, and I for one love it! I’m sure many of you might agree… when it comes to electronic devices, there is so much that can be done for us (on a phone for example), that we have lost good communications with others. We need to find time… throughout our days, in order to nurture our souls. By doing this, we give ourselves a break, embracing gratitude and finding those beautiful moments which come and go so quickly. Yesterday, I had one of those “Living in the moments” and it was awesome! It’s like an ‘aha’ moment really. To find absolute joy in my day was the greatest feeling, not to mention a gift from life. A time where I was with all three of my adult children, laughing and talking with one another… I knew then what that moment was, and I loved it! I will work on myself, to find more opportunities in each and every day. I now realize I’ve been blessed to have had them in the past as well, but didn’t recognize them at the time. Most of mine were with family and friends, and all I really know now is how truly blessed I am. It took me a long time to get here, as I’ve had trauma in my life (and who hasn’t?), while becoming obsessed with the have nots of life and dwelling on the bad, which admitting (for me), is hard at times. We are all human and need nurturing in order to grow spiritually as well as mentally. For whatever it’s worth, try to make yourself a note, keeping it close to you each day so that you too will know the joy of making this life better; beginning with the smaller moments in your day.

Make your Life count.