After taking a breather last month with only 11 permits issued for single family home construction in Mesquite, the housing industry bounced back in June by taking out 44 permits for new homes.

The city of Mesquite building department issued 146 permits overall in June with a total valuation of $10.484 million. Last year, the city issued 132 permits valued at $8.245 million.

The 44 permits for new homes had a valuation of $9.853 million compared to 34 permits issued last year in this category valued at $7.639 million.

Pulte Homes of Nevada took out 35 permits for its construction of homes in Sun City Mesquite. That brings the total number of permits for the builder to 87 in the first six months of the year. At this point in 2018, Pulte had taken out 86 permits.

Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) and Construction West each took out three permits for new homes.

Jackson Contracting LLC received two permits and Catamount Development received one permit.

Most of the new home construction was valued in the mid-$200,000 range with the highest value at $292,032 and the lowest value at $149,292.

Comparing the first six months of 2019 to the first six months of 2018, permits for single family residences lag behind this year. From January to June 2018 the city issued 191 permits valued at $42.056 million. During the same time period this year, the city has issued 164 permits valued at $36.676 million.

Eleven permits were issued for residential modifications in June with a valuation of $124,255. Last year, four permits were issued in this category worth $39,658.

This year, only one permit was issued in the commercial building category worth $95,000 while six permits were issued in the commercial modification category valued at $74,450.

No permits were taken out for new businesses compared to four issued in June 2018.

Fifteen permits for block walls, usually an indicator of future home construction, were issued this year compared to 11 issued in this category last year.

The city issued six permits for swimming pools, less than half of last June’s number of 13.

No grading permits were issued while one demolition permit was issued.