Often times people struggle with day to day routines, not to mention their line of work. Going to the same job every day can be mundane, especially if you are sitting at the same desk (daily), entering data or doing paperwork, never seeing daylight in an office building. These types of jobs can be found anywhere, so it’s not uncommon for one to daydream about their ‘ideal’ job, however… if you’re one that likes to search for odd jobs, than this article will provide some tidbits of information to help you with your journey.

Beginning with some web sites, I found a particular one which was quite interesting, as it offers articles on a variety of odd jobs. An example of an odd job would be a ‘furniture tester.’ I think this would be a great job, can you imagine going from couch to couch, or recliner to recliner giving your advice? No stress there really. Apparently Lazy Boy hires people for this, and I’m sure they’re not the only ones. Then there are companies that have employees filling plastic eggs (like the ones used at Easter time) with surprises; but if you are in to technical gadgets and computer hacking, no worries there, as companies everywhere are now hiring ‘Ethical Computer Hackers.’ The site in which I found some of these is www.oddjobnation.com , and I encourage anyone looking for new ideas for unusual employment opportunities to check this out. Other types of work which many of us don’t think about are; pearl divers, movie extras, mystery shopper or a focus group participant (giving opinions on products), golf ball diver and crime scene cleaners. It’s sad to say but it’s my guess there might be quite a calling for those crime scene cleaners these days… just think about it. On the flip side of that, if you are creative you could get hired making new toys. This also is a great market to get into, as they are always looking for new ideas and this job begins at $53,000. per year.

General odd jobs can be found anywhere today, but you need to know where to look for them. Depending on your location, I can give you a couple of sites to begin your search. www.taskrabbit.com , www.gigwalk.com and www.doughroller.net are easy to browse, but don’t forget to put your location in before choosing a task. If you love surfing the internet, you might find a job doing just that. People hire others to post for them on their social media sites, as it has become a way of life, but also time consuming. So if you enjoy spending time online, then this could be lucrative for you. It’s amazing at the number of odd jobs that actually exist out there, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding something that might interest you. I wish you luck, and remember… always proceed with caution when applying for anything online. Scams will always be around, so check the company out before applying or giving out any personal information; happy hunting.

Make your week count.