bomb threat 3-27-16Mesquite, NV – On Saturday, March 26, in the late afternoon hours, the Mesquite 911 communications center received a suspicious emergency call where a female had stated she left some items at city hall in Mesquite Nevada.  The caller then stated the items were left next to a large fuel tank and that officers better go see what she had left.  The caller then stated “kaboom!” and hung up the phone.  Officers immediately contained the area around city hall and evacuated homes which were in the vicinity.  Officers located some tables which were setup near the fire department and city hall which contained various personal belongings and hand written notes.

Mesquite officers and detectives were able to link the 911 phone call back to a local residence.  The personal items which were found at city hall in the same location the 911 caller had stated she had left them were also linked to the female who lived at the same residence.  The same female had also made two other calls to the Mesquite 911 Communications Center the day before, hanging up the phone call without reporting any emergencies.  Officers began surveillance on the residence where the 911 call had come from, while detectives investigated the alleged bomb.  After a short period of time, detectives were able to confirm the items left at city hall were not a bomb and were not a threat to the public.

Officers were then able to safely make contact with the female at the residence where the 911 call had originated.  The police investigation concluded the female they had located was indeed the same person who had made the 911 phone call, and who had left the items at city hall.  The female was taken into custody and transported to the Mesquite Detention Center.

The female suspect, Wendy Stone, 63, of Mesquite Nevada, was arrested and charged with: Three gross misdemeanor counts of misuse of the 911 systems and one felony count of communicating a bomb threat.  Wendy was transported and booked into to the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas Nevada.