Picture this: the sun is setting over Mesquite on April 15 and hundreds of white luminaria bags light up the Virgin Valley High School track during Relay For Life.

People sit near a particular bag, remembering a loved one who lost their battle to cancer. Others walk around, singing the “in memory” music playing over the loud speaker.

Unfortunately, everyone knows someone who has been impacted by cancer. During Relay For Life the American Cancer Society gives participants the opportunity to honor those lost to cancer by dedicating luminaries.

Luminaria bags can be dedicated to anyone: a lost loved one, a survivor, caregivers, a Relay participant, someone battling cancer currently or anyone else.

Each bag costs $5 and can be decorated however one wishes. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society’s cancer research.

For more information on luminary bags contact Susan Mongalier at szmongalier@gmail.com or call 702-345-5185.

The Mesquite Relay For Life committee is also searching for caregivers and cancer survivors to honor during the event.

The local Relay kicks off with a dinner specifically for survivors and caregivers. The survivors are honored at the start of the event with a Survivor Lap. Last year, survivors lined up with the people who had beaten the disease the longest in the front and the more recent ones behind. The idea is that the most recent survivors can look forward to their future and one day they will be in the front of the survivor line, giving hope to the others.

After the survivor lap, caregivers are recognized with a lap of their own. Caregivers are a very important piece of the puzzle when going through cancer. It is important those people are recognized as well.

Relay For Life is also a great way for survivors and caregivers to network with each other.

If you or someone you know is a survivor or caregiver and would like to participate in Relay For Life, contact Shirley West at shirleewest321@gmail.com