Trending topics can be found on different types of social media sites, but what our teens follow today can be more than dangerous, in fact they are deadly. Children all over the world are using the internet to share ideas, but once those ideas become of popular interest, it becomes the next trending topic. So naturally when the topic peaks among the internet users, it often brings that fleeting moment of fame. Ultimately, young adults are often looking for fame, and will do so at any cost, including the risk of human life.

You can find what’s trending on most sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but for those not on social media, you can just ask google. One of the current topics among teens is Planking. This shows a picture of someone lying flat, (stretched out and face down), on any surface which might be considered dangerous, such as using a railing on a bridge or balcony. It’s as if they are doing a balancing act, but comes with the risk of plummeting to one’s death. Then there is the choking game; teens will video their friends while choking one another, making one pass out for a short time, as it reduces the amount of oxygen to the brain. Some will say it’s euphoric, but I say it’s just plain stupid.

We need to make the public aware of these dangerous trends, not to mention pay closer attention to our children and what they use the internet for. One of the newer fads is the ‘Duct tape’ challenge. They have a friend stand straight up (or sit in a chair), then begin taping them from their head down to their feet, while another video tapes them. Once fully taped, they are expected to try and free themselves from all of this sticky mess. It may not sound like much, but kids are getting injured doing this ridiculous stunt. Recently a 14 yr. old boy from Washington was sent to the ER when he fell on the concrete, hitting his head which required 48 stitches. Other crazes include, vampire-biting, trunking, car surfing and of course alcohol challenges. All of these named here are risky, but alcohol will always be a killer. You can’t escape the use of alcohol when it comes to colleges, but younger kids are joining in and will try almost anything in order to gain popularity among their peers. Now they are eyeballing, meaning they take a shot of vodka and literally put it in their eyeball, as it hits the bloodstream almost immediately. This is crazy!  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something crazier comes along.

If you are a parent in today’s world, you need to take a look at what’s looming on the internet and take an interest, as it could be a matter of life or death. It’s sad to watch some of these risky challenges, and will leave you in disbelief. Kids are gullible, and what’s worse yet is the fact that many of them will get bullied into doing one of these crazy acts, whether it’s for popularity or acceptance… it is happening everywhere. If you know of someone trying any of these, please report it. There’s nothing worse than a parent losing a child to some senseless act. We all need to be aware of trending subjects; good or bad…it’s our responsibility as adults. Make a difference in someone’s life, because you just might save one.

Make your week count.