LAS VEGAS – With our transportation needs far outweighing our available resources, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is seeking the community’s input to prioritize the region’s transportation and mobility needs and future projects. The feedback collected through the interactive online survey at will help the RTC develop its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), a comprehensive and long-range transportation system plan.


As our community continues to grow, the RTC is working to ensure that Southern Nevada has the proper transportation infrastructure in place to enhance connectivity and ensure mobility for our residents, now and in the future. Feedback will help the RTC move our community forward as we plan for a vibrant, connected future for Southern Nevada.


Participants will answer a series of brief questions on the following topics:

  • Top priorities
  • Preferences for safety, road priorities, spending, daily travel and transit
  • Future investmentThe Regional Transportation Plan supports Southern Nevada Strong’s goal to increase the community’s transportation options. As the administrator of Southern Nevada Strong, the RTC is committed to initiatives that will support various modes of transportation to create a connected community. To find out more, visit:
  • The five-minute survey will be available online through June 2016.

About the RTC

The RTC is the transit authority, transportation planning organization and regional traffic management agency for Southern Nevada. The RTC’s vision is to provide a safe, convenient and effective regional transportation system that enhances mobility and air quality for citizens and visitors. The RTC encourages residents and visitors to use a variety of transportation choices to help reduce traffic congestion, clean the air and improve the quality of life in Southern Nevada. For more information about the RTC and its major initiatives such as Southern Nevada Strong, Fuel Revenue Indexing, and the Transportation Investment Business Plan, visit