The Virgin River Bowling Center recently held their 6th annual Saturday Youth Scholarship Tournament.  This tournament is offered to the members of the Saturday Youth Bowling League.  The only requirement is that the bowler is a member in good standing of the Saturday Youth League.

The scholarships are made available through the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).  The USBC sponsors a program called Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpin (SMART).  Through the SMART program accounts are set up for each individual youth bowler.  The monies stay in these accounts until the youth bowler graduates.  The youth bowler is then able to withdraw the money for books and tuition up to six years after graduation.

Final results for 2016

Bantums (2 games)

First: Daniel Frates, 331, $150

Second: Ronald Frates, 320, $100

Jr/Maj (3 games)

First: Jacoby Flores, 704, $100

Second: Austin Snow, 674, $75

Third: Ron Nichols, 663, $60

Fourth: Austin Pettingill, 623, $50

Fifth: Jacoby Ford, 597, $40

The Virgin River would like to thank the Mesquite Merchants Men’s Bowling League for their donation as well as those individuals who also donated.  Because of their generosity they were able to provide all 10 participating youth bowlers with scholarships totaling $665.