Soon we will be approaching “National Girl Scout Weekend,” and it takes place during Feb. 26-28, 2016.This was something new for 2016 as they have recently redesigned their packaging, along with introducing the very first gluten-free cookie. Also new is the fact that they are going digital, which will enable the Girl Scouts to sell online; however they will still provide the one-to-one service for those that want to purchase them in person.

Girl Scout cookies have been around nearly 100 years, making this cookie an iconic one. They began in the early 1900’s and their involvement in the community became an important part of their membership, while making it fun as they learned to develop social skills and valuable life lessons along their journey together. Mothers of Girl Scouts volunteered for baking, and it was the sugar cookie that made its debut, enabling the scouts to sell them as a project in the high school cafeteria in Muskogee Oklahoma. Throughout the decade the Girl Scouts everywhere began selling cookies after an article was written for the “The American Girl” magazine by Florence E. Neil, in Chicago, Ill. Boxes of the cookies sold for about 25 to 30 cents by local troops.

In 1933 the Girl Scouts of the Philadelphia area were selling 44 cookies per box for 23 cents, and by 1936 the Scouts began their process to license their very first commercial bakers, making them in mass quantities in order to sell nationwide. However, when WW11 came, the shortage of butter and flour became a turning point for the Girl Scouts as they had to find alternatives for raising money in order to fund some of their activities. Soon after the war… sales of the cookies began to take off again. By the 1950’s, several varieties of the cookies were introduced, increasing memberships by the 1960’s; thanks to the baby boomers which brought their sales to an all-time high. Times were evolving, and in 1978 the bakers began to stream line their packaging, making them identifiable by logos on all their boxes. Sales have continued to grow through passing years and the Girl Scouts have expanded programs and offices throughout the country today.

As the Girl Scout memberships grew, the troops began offering different designations for the younger girls. This would prove to do well among different locations throughout the world. Beginning with Daisy’s for the youngest, it prepares them with responsibilities and group activities. From there they become Brownies, which is usually done at a grade school level. The membership provides girls at every level… a sense of accomplishment and teaches them humanity. My hope for this coming generation is ongoing membership growth. I know that some are disappointed that the price of their cookies have substantially increased, but this organization is volunteer based, so it’s important that parents continue to give their time and talent when able. For those that complain about the cost, take a moment to think of the many things we spend money on without giving it a second thought; such as lottery tickets, a cup of coffee or any other item you might grab while standing at a checkout lane. It might sound trivial, but these kinds of organizations need your help. Please support your local troops.

Make your week count..