It wasn’t just building permits for single family residences that showed a significant increase in value but six permits for commercial modifications issued by the City of Mesquite in January helped double the total valuation in a year-to-year comparison.

The city’s building department issued 78 permits valued at $5 million last month. That compares to January 2015 when 82 permits were issued with a $2.580 million valuation.

Permits for the Rising Star Sports Ranch renovation on N. Sandhill Blvd. have helped push up both the number and value of building permits over the last five months. Two permits for modifications were issued in January with one valued at $1.166 million and a second valued at $19,368. A third permit for grading work at the site was worth $21,000.

The city issued a grading permit valued at $398,600 to Hae Un Lee for work on a vacant lot at 1800 W. Pioneer Blvd near the new I-15 Exit 118 interchange that’s under construction.

A commercial modification permit valued at $225,000 was also issued for work at the Deep Roots Medical marijuana building on Willis Carrier Canyon Drive.

Fourteen permits were issued for single family residences in January compared to 12 a year ago. However, the value of the recent permits rose almost a million dollars to $2.947 million compared to last year’s $2.071 million.

Usually Pulte Homes takes the most permits each month for new home construction in Sun City Mesquite. However, Davis Construction took that honor in January pulling six permits for new homes versus Pulte’s four. NRC construction also took four permits for new homes in January.

All of Davis’s permits were issued for construction in the Coyote Willows subdivision on Hafen Lane.

Residential modifications dropped from 14 permits valued at $75,132 in January 2015 to eight permits valued at only $28,494 this year.

Four new businesses were issued permits in January versus one last year.

Block wall permits fell from five last year to four this year. Permits for block walls are usually an indicator of future new home construction.