A few weeks ago I wrote about America’s dance with Death, and received a few comments of racism for suggesting that we stop allowing huge numbers of Islamic refugees into our country. The reason I suggested this was to protect our way of life from changing. This was even before San Bernardino, where an Islamic couple broke into a Christmas Party and shot as many as they could. This is so far from our American ideal, it is hard to understand something like this, yet in their society this is something that just happens.

How and why people do something like this can’t be explained within the bounds of our world. Yet do we see any Islamic faithful stand-up and denounce their actions?  Mostly they make excuses for their actions and say they can’t imagine what happened. When you examine the facts in all these cases they all have only one thing in common, Islam.

This latest couple, one born and raised in the Middle East, mostly Pakistan, the other born in the United States, they did not have much of a connection, not even family.  The one thing that did link them directly was Islam. But it is also true that not all people of the Islamic faith support this type of action, but we don’t hear many of them speaking out.

I’m not asking anyone of the Islamic faith to join the army, but just to condemn the actions of a few, but maybe those of Islamic faith are afraid as were so many in places like Russia, Cambodia, China, and Germany when the radicals took power.  The common people are just trying to get by and didn’t pay attention to politics until it was too late.

When the mass executions began, people at first didn’t believe the stories, and then when they realized the true nature of what was happening it was too late.

When the bad guys get enough voting power they begin taking control. We mostly believe that officials are operating in the best interest of the community. But not this religious group, they fundamentally believe that we are all infidels and subject to their rules that is why we’re so vulnerable. This invasion is so insidious that it could be over before we are even aware that it is happening. It’s is almost over now in Europe and many nations are being overwhelmed.

What to do, we want to help helpless people but we shouldn’t sacrifice ourselves and the best nation on earth. A strict limit on Middle Eastern immigration is needed, plus a review of everyone already here. Move out those that don’t have some of our values, primarily the sanctities of life and the right of women. If they don’t accept these values then they’re not for us.

We also must not accept any army-aged males as refugees; they need to go back and fight for their homeland, just as early Americans for our country did.  Most would be expected to stay in the country they just saved. Let’s freeze the immigration situation right now. No more “refugee” men or women for now, let us catch our breath for the long struggle ahead.