It’s been 4 years plus, since Adele has been out on tour. In 2011 she suffered from laryngitis and vocal cord problems which led to hemorrhaging. The British singer from London writes her own music and has been a sensation across the world. Recently her performance in New York (Live) aired on television over a week ago, and I must admit…she was fabulous. Her heart, as well as her voice is stronger than ever; making her one of the most loved performers of all time. I am a big fan and can relate with her songs; it’s what so many people feel today, yet haven’t the right words to say.

According to the Rolling Stone, nearly 10 million fans attempted to purchase Adele tickets through Ticketmaster and were sold out within the hour for her 2016 U.S. Tour. The president for Ticketmaster apologized; explaining that it was inevitable that not all fans would be able to get tickets, as the high demand and short supply for such an exceptional artist makes it difficult. So what about those people that purchase tickets just so they can resell them to make a huge profit? Let’s not forget the companies such as StubHub and others that also prey on the public for that very same reason…GREED.

I applause Adele for her genuine concern for her fans, and speaking out on this subject; she has partnered with Songkick, a website that sells tickets through artists fan clubs’ and sites; as reported through the New York Times. However, it didn’t seem to slow the sales quite enough, as there are thousands of disappointed fans that will never be able to see her live… all because of others’ greed. Shortly after all ticket sales were sold out, others began posting on sites such as Stub Hub (owned by E bay) which is the largest secondary ticket site, for as much as $11,000 a ticket! This shouldn’t be allowed, as the profits are enormous, making it an $8 billion a year industry. There are other artists like Elton John, among others, that recently have spoken out about the methods used by scalpers. It’s a shame that there aren’t laws strong enough to prohibit this type of market, and believe they should be shut down. Instead, it will probably take a multitude of artists to help their fans purchase tickets at a reasonable price, on their own fan sites.

In June of 2015, Sidekick merged with the company Crowd surge, whose specialty has been ticketing for the artists fan clubs. The public needs to know this, so they may be able to purchase tickets for future concert listings on this site, . Artists such as Kenney Chesney, Meghan Trainor, Pentatonix (and more), can all be found here. It’s time to take a stand against scalpers. They walk away with all of your money and usually aren’t even a fan; it’s all about greed today. I actually thought ‘Maybe’ I would be able to see #Adele on tour somewhere this year, but that won’t be possible. To all of her other fans out there… “I feel your disappointment” and I can only hope that Adele might be able to add some shows, but if not, I understand. Let’s #STOP#SCALPERS from taking the enjoyment from Artists fans, because let’s face it… these scheduled shows are for Fans only. Have a Blessed Holiday.

Make your week count.