BarbIf it weren’t for a single new business construction project, November’s Building Permit report would be in line with the slight upward trend that’s continue all Fall. And no, it’s not any new project near I-15 Exit 118 that has seven permits valued at $1,311,822 but rather a new covered storage business located at 300 W. Hafen Lane.

That project is part of the 80 permits issued in November by the Mesquite Building Department valued at $5.027 million. Without that single permit, the total valuation of permits stands at $3.671 million.

Fourteen permits were issued for new single family residential construction with a value just under $3.5 million. Pulte Homes only took out five permits, about half of its usual number for new construction in Sun City Mesquite. Jackson Contracting took out three permits for new homes as did Construction West. Maves Construction, K&J Leishman Construction, and a private individual each took one permit.

Twelve permits for residential modifications worth $79,182 were issued in November.

Last November the City issued 15 permits valued at $2.4 million for new home construction and seven permits for residential modifications valued at $41,164.

Legacy Construction took out a grading permit last month for the new subdivision recently approved by the Mesquite City Council on E. Mesquite Blvd next to the Hunter Sports Park.

And the City continues to issue a variety of building permits associated with the Rising Star Sports Ranch renovation on N. Sandhill Blvd. as it has since July.

The city issued two new business permits in November compared to four last year. Seven permits were issued for block walls compared to nine last year. Block wall permits are usually an indication of future new home construction work.

Through November, the city has issued 962 building permits for a total valuation of $41.325 million compared to 784 permits at this point last year valued at $35.099 million.