ExchangeGansinee-12-4-15New to Virgin Valley High School this year is Gansinee Jirasirphat, a sophomore student from Thailand.  Gansinee will be in Mesquite for the entire school year, and plans on playing basketball and improving her English skills.

As is the case with many exchange students, Gansinee didn’t pick which city she would be living in,  “I was able to pick the country, but not the state.”

Since coming to Mesquite, Gansinee has traveled to Hollywood and Disneyland with her host family.  Although Southern California is heavily populated, it is nothing like her home city of Bangkok where in the city alone there is over 8 million people, and 14 million people in the surrounding area.  Mesquite is quite a cultural change.

The only thing common between Thailand and Mesquite is that both are hot.  “Mesquite is very dry while my home is very wet,” said Gansinee.

When she returns home to Thailand, Gansinee plans on going to college and receiving a business management degree, which is one reason she wanted to come to America and improve her language skills, as English is the international language of business.

She says though that school is much harder in Thailand, “We go to school much longer hours and we don’t get to pick our own classes.”  But that is just one of several reasons she is enjoying her stay in Mesquite.