The value of building permits issued in October by the City of Mesquite increased by $638,287 from October 2014 coming in at $3.909 million. That may not be saying much since the number of permits jumped from 83 last year to 97 this year.

Interestingly, even though the number of single family residences permits dropped from 20 last year to 18 this year, the valuation of the permits rose by just under $500,000 to $3.555 million.
Last year 20 permits were issued for new home construction with a $3.061 million valuation.

Pulte Homes took out nine permits for new homes in Sun City Mesquite while NRC took out four permits for new home construction and LHSC, Inc received two permits for single family residents. White Rock Development, Jackson Contracting, and Catamount Development each took out one permit for new single family homes.

Residential modification permits increased by one from last year while the valuation of those 14 permits dropped by almost $32,000 to $77,154.

The value of three commercial modification permits came in at $68,725 with two of them assigned to renovation work at the old Mesquite Star hotel on N. Sandhill Blvd.

The city issued six new business permits in October compared to only two last year. Five permits were issued for block walls compared to seven last year. Block wall permits are usually an indication of future new home construction work.

For the first 10 months of the year, the city has issued 882 building permits for a total valuation of $36.298 million compared to 710 permits at this point last year valued at $32.514 million.