Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats.
This week, there were 153 total incidents in the blotter:
ACO Mohave Co Assist 1
Agency Assistance 6
Alarm 10
Animal Adopt 4
Animal Bailed Out 1
Animal Complain 6
Animal Euth 3
Animal Noise 1
Animal Owner Req Euthanasia 1
Animal Owner Surrender 2
Animal Pickup 8
Assault/Battery 2
Battery on Person 1
Citizen Assist 5
Civil Dispute 3
Controlled Substance Problem 1
Dispatch (non LEO) Incident 1
Domestic Violence IP 1
Fire 1
Found Person 1
Found Property 1
Fraud 2
Identification Check 1
Intoxicated Person 1
Juvenile Problem 4
Keep The Peace 4
Lost Property 3
Minor Gambling 1
Miscellaneous CAD Call Record 3
Missing Person 2
Noise Disturbance 4
Parking Problem 2
Phone Harassment 1
Reckless Driver 6
Recovered Stolen Property 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 12
Suspicious/Pers 2
Suspicious/Veh 3
Theft 10
Traffic accident W/O injury 3
Traffic Problem 2
Traffic Stop 2
Trespassing IP 3
Truancy 2
Unknown Problem 2
Vandalism 5
Verbal Dispute IP 3
VIN Number Inspection 1
Wanted Person 1
Weapon Offense IP 1
Welfare Check 6

Editor’s note: The following was taken from the pages of the Mesquite Police Department blotter for Oct. 18-24, 2015.

Oct. 18:

Theft: An Officer responded to a report of a lost cell phone on Grayce Dr.  The investigation determined the cell phone was stolen.  A report was filed.

Theft: A male subject on E Pioneer Blvd reported the theft of clothing items from his closet. The male suspects a family member took the items. A report was taken.

Lost Property: An Officer responded to E Old Mill Rd to assist with a lost cell phone.

Lost Property: An Officer took a report of a possible theft of money from a safe deposit box, at a W Pioneer Blvd hotel. Report taken and investigation started.

Theft: Officers responded to Walmart for a report of shoplifting. The reported suspect was located and issued a citation.

Oct. 19:

Theft: An Officer responded to a Chianti Way residence for a report of the theft of carpet from the residence. A report was taken and the theft is under investigation.

Truancy: Officers responded to the high school for a report of a truancy.

Fraud: An Officer responded to a report of a fraudulent salesman on Desert Dr.  A report was taken.

Vandalism: An Officer responded to an E Pioneer Blvd business parking lot for a report of vandalism to a vehicle. Information was received and is being investigated.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance: An Officer responded to a N Sandhill Blvd business regarding tampering of property.  A report was taken.

Domestic Violence IP: Officers were dispatched to a domestic dispute on N Grapevine Rd. Once on scene, officers determined the incident was a verbal argument between a husband and a wife. The situation had been resolved prior to the officers’ arrival.

Intoxicated Person: Officers located an intoxicated female at the Green Valley Grocery on N Sandhill Blvd. The female was transported to the hospital by medical due to her level of intoxication.

Juvenile Problem: Officers responded to a Woodbury Ln residence to take a report on a minor being disorderly.

Civil Dispute: Officers responded to a verbal dispute among family members on Moss Dr. All parties were separated and left without further incident.

Oct. 20:

Vandalism: Officers responded to N Sandhill Blvd to assist trespassing a male from a commercial property.

Minor Gambling: An Officer responded to an E Pioneer Blvd casino to conduct an ID check. The male suspect was found to be under age and was issued a citation for minor gambling.

Theft: An Officer responded to a Harbour Dr residence for a report of a stolen fountain; a report was taken.

Battery on Person: Officers responded to a W Mesquite Blvd fast food restaurant reference a battery call. Officers contacted the victim but were unable to make contact with the suspect. The investigation is still pending

Editor’s Note: The blotter events for Oct. 21 were unavailable due to a reporting error from the Mesquite Police Department’s systems.

Oct. 22:

Vandalism: Police responded to a W Mesquite Blvd business reference attempted theft. Several vending machines were damaged in an attempted theft. Officers are conducting an investigation, and a crime report was completed.

Lost Property: Police responded to a Turtle Cove residence reference a lost wallet. An officer’s report was completed.

Theft: Officer responded to an E Pioneer Blvd casino reference theft of a person’s debit card information. Information was gathered from the victim and an event number was provided as requested by the victim’s bank.

Assault/Battery: Officers were dispatched to assist the fire department on Mesa Blvd, reference a male subject who is reported to have been assaulted. No charges were filed report taken for a matter of record.

Oct. 23:

Found Property: A citizen found a large set of keys in the roadway at W Mesquite Blvd & Thistle St, and turned them over to a police officer. The keys were secured for safekeeping until the owner can be identified.

Reckless Driver: Officer responded to N Yucca St for property damage on private property. Information was gathered and the investigation is ongoing.

Missing Person: Officers received a report of a missing juvenile on Hillside Dr. The juvenile was located and returned to her mother.

Wanted Person: Officers arrested a male for possession of heroin and methamphetamine on E Pioneer Blvd.

Oct. 24:

Theft: An officer was dispatched to a W Pioneer Blvd store, in reference to a suspected theft.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance: An officer arrested an adult male subject for petit larceny and drug charges and an adult female subject for theft and obstructing a public officer charges on W Pioneer Blvd.

Citizen Assist: An officer spoke with an out of state complainant reference her son’s location. The complainant advised she has not heard from her son in the past two days and he may have passed through Mesquite during that time. Mesquite Police Department will be on the lookout for this person.

Recovered Stolen Property: Police located bicycles on Mesa Blvd that had previously been reported stolen. The bicycles were returned to the owner, and the investigation is ongoing.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officer responded to N Yucca St for a property damage accident with no reported injuries and a report was completed.