In a previous column, Pat Buchanan reminded us that disbelievers in New World Order mythology have long recognized that nationalism is on the rise, led by Communist China. The globalists believed that China was the savior of the global economy, but, Beijing is saying to the world that China will save herself first even if it means throwing others out of the life boat.

Trump is telling Americans that we are on our own and don’t look to foreign help to restore America to greatness.  Other American leaders have spoken to American greatness or “exceptionalism” – Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan in particular.

Each of these men led the country through difficult times, united the nation around a national consensus, and the nation prospered.  Each man, in his own era, recognized national unrest, developed a national consensus into a common goal and the nation responded with unity and progress.

The nation is once again divided along partisan lines with little agreement on how to go forward.  The “Washington Cartel,” has joined domestic and foreign financial and power elites building a global world order. However, most Americans believe they are leading us in the wrong direction.

Along come “The Donald” and The Bernie” saying what most Americans have believed for a long time.  They say we should take care of America and Americans first and be an example to look up to as we once were.

The Washington Cartel is responding to the uprising on the Democrat side by trying to convince Vice President Biden to get in the race to protect the Cartel’s left flank.  The Cartel has been very smart by purchasing enough political clout on both flanks to remain in control no matter who wins.

Just as our historical leaders have done, “Trumpism” unites conflicting interests into a vision most Americans could coalesce behind.  The Donald is creating a vision that the vast majority of Americans share.  Once the leaders of each party are known, the many independent voters will support whoever gets behind “Trumpism.”  This is what the pundits don’t understand.  They think in conventional terms – America will have its “hissy fit.”  Messrs. Trump and Sanders will disappear and the cartel’s chosen candidates will emerge.

The Washington Cartel may be thinking they miscalculated and are now investing air time and money to take them both down.  An example is The Club for Growth, a big player in the Washington Cartel, has pledged a million dollars to run ads against Mr. Trump.  So we know “The Club” sees Mr. Trump as very dangerous to their “globalist” vision.

So, what is Trumpism?  We get a sneak preview in his comment about the Ford Corporation planning to close a plant in the U.S. and move those operations to Mexico.  Trump said directly to Ford, “You should reconsider moving those operations to Mexico because you will have to climb a 35% tariff wall if you try selling any of those cars in America.”

That was Trump reminding Ford of the Reagan trade policy.  If you move operations to Mexico, you should plan on selling all the products to Mexicans.  If you want to sell to Americans, you must build your plant here using American workers and American resources to manage your facility.

Trump has exposed the globalist lie about shipping manufacturing plants to foreign nations.  They said they were doing so to gain a presence in foreign markets.  The fact is, the products are being sold overwhelmingly to Americans.  The result is fired American workers, U.S. taxes avoided and product/worker safety regulations avoided while pocketing added profits.

Trump captured in one sentence what thousands of us in the trade reform movement have tried for decades to express in less precise, more politically correct ways.

Today’s punditry may also be miscalculating Trump’s appeal.  They focus on his potential loss of women’s and Latino votes.  They should be thinking of Trump’s potential appeal to independent voters which could be huge.  Trump’s message of domestic jobs will also appeal to many Democrats reminding us of the “Reagan Democrats.”  Reagan put this coalition together in much the same way when Japan, in the 1980’s, was doing what China has done today.  Reagan stood up for America then and Trump is doing the same now.

Many Americans see The Donald as unelectable because of his arrogance, bombast, impolitic manner, lack of diplomacy and downright rudeness.  This may have more to do with the coarseness and crudeness of t0day’s American culture than anything else.  Maybe in today’s world we need a Trump to talk to us the way many of us behave.  Regardless, I am excited to hear any politician speak to Americans about the massive loss of jobs, sovereignty and prosperity the “Washington Cartel” foisted upon America while we weren’t looking.

Do I see Trump as a smooth politician? – No.  Does he behave the way I think a serious candidate should behave? – No.  Will he evolve into a candidate with presidential timber? – Possibly.  Does he have the right message? – Yes.

Politicians grow and improve themselves through the electoral process – or even once in office. For example, FDR was a divisive figure through the 1930’s, pushing the New Deal down America’s throat. But when war became inevitable he embraced the national interest at a much higher level and became the leader of all Americans.

Regardless of who eventually becomes our next president, Trump and Sanders have tapped into the fact that voters are in the mood for a dose of nationalism and the Washington Cartel’s “Globalism” as an organizing principle is in decline.  This is why there is a huge divide between visions of the voters and their representatives and why “outsider” is the title de jour.

Frank Shannon served in the U.S. Army, was an engineering/operations manager for AT&T for 27 years, was the owner of a small manufacturing business for 23 years, served as Colorado Chair of the Coalition for a Prosperous America and moved to Mesquite in 2013.