To the Editor:

When I first left the Virgin Valley High School auditorium tonight (Sept. 19), I was so disappointed with our citizens of Mesquite, because they didn’t show up for another entertaining evening, put on by one of our art groups.  By the time I got home, I had realized that maybe they were not aware of the show because, after all, most of the people I talk with in town, don’t read the paper and don’t stop to read the posters on local business’s windows.

So, if you love Waylon Jennings’ music…you missed a great evening of 25 songs by singer Bob Murray in his tribute to Waylon.  He and his wife, Jackie, were invited to come to Mesquite by Blair and Jackie Adams after they stopped by Fast Fanny’s Place in Oatman, Arizona where Bob was strumming his guitar and singing Waylon’s songs.  They also own and operate Fast Fanny’s.

I have been a volunteer with the theatre in Mesquite since the formative years and I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it is to be on stage and entertain a room full of empty seats.  First of all, the Mesquite Arts Council has been bringing talent and entertainment to this city for years.  It is for the betterment of Mesquite and the families that live here.  Can’t you see how important it is for you to support these venues?  Like the old adage, ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll loose it’.  The fine volunteers will give it up.  The sad thing is the cost was $5!  You can’t even go to the movies for that AND he was great!

It was embarrassing to those of us that came, to see what a wonderful performance we were watching and how many Mesquite residents were absent.

Again, Bob brought back memories for me when I danced and listened to the roudy music sung by one of the Highway Men.  I lived some of those songs way back when and I was so glad that Bob continues to honor the times and memory of Waylon Jennings.  Bob also shared some facts regarding Waylon’s life that many people didn’t know or maybe remembered.

It is a shame that our local residents can’t see how important it is to support ALL of the groups and businesses that spend their time and money to bring entertainment and shopping to this city.  I am tired of hearing that our stores cost more and don’t have what you need.  If you would support these shops with things you DIDN”T need immediately, then they could afford to order the things you need.  A trip to St George or Las Vegas takes time and money that could easily be spent in Mesquite to help keep the economy strong here, rather than helping another state and city fill their coffers.  Think about the slogan “Shop Mesquite” and “Support the Arts” when you want to spend your money.

Take a look at the vacant shopping centers in town, that at one time had small mom and pop businesses.  Gone for lack of support by residents.  Anyone in business here will tell you that they depend on the snow birds and visitors.  We need local support.  We want your support.  You are our friends, neighbors and family.  Help keep Mesquite viable for everyone.  Please!

Sandi Sorenson