Tuesday night’s regular Mesquite City Council meeting broke another record, lasting only 25 minutes. Mayor Al Litman and Councilman Rich Green were absent. Geno Withelder presided as Mayor Pro Tem.

During the meeting, Councilman Kraig Hafen was appointed to the Technical Advisory Committee that will explore the options available if and when the Clark County School District is reorganized into separate precincts in the future.

There were two applicants from the community for the position, but it was recommended that one of the representatives from Mesquite be from the council and the other be appointed by the Mesquite Community Education Advisory Board.

“He’s the only one who has a dog in this fight,” commented Councilman George Rapson of Hafen, noting that none of the other council members have children in the school system. “I think the city needs to speak as a whole…this makes the most sense.”

Councilwoman Delaney agreed and the motion passed with a vote of 3-0. Hafen commented that his “ultimate goal is to get the funding that each student deserves. I’m gonna go to bat for you.”

Other business included appointing Tim Marleau as Mesquite’s representative on the newly formed Southern Nevada Health District Advisory Board. Marleau has resided in Mesquite with his family since 2012 and is the Director of Resort Operations for the Eureka Casino Resort. Because of that position and the established relationship he already has with the SNHD, the council felt that he would be the best choice for the spot on the advisory board.

The final order of business for the council was introducing an amendment to Title 5 of the Mesquite Municipal Code “Police Regulations” that would allow police officers to approach and question known drug offenders in frequented areas that are popular for drug activity. According to City Attorney Robert Sweetin, this would create a system where known drug offenders are allowed to be approached. The introduction was passed and will be placed on the Oct. 13 agenda for Public Hearing and action.