Jimmy Hughes, the first mayor of Mesquite, died Tuesday, Nov. 19. He and his wife Angie, left, were recently honored by the city of Mesquite when the ‘Mesquite Campus’ on North Yucca Street was christened as the ‘Jimmy Hughes Campus.’ Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

Jimmy Hughes, the first mayor of Mesquite, died Tuesday, Nov. 19 after a lengthy illness.

Hughes was elected to his first term, a one-year term, in 1984 when the city was incorporated. His second term was two years long. As he was running for his third term that would be four years he said, “I like to argue with people. I’ll run again. I kinda liked politicking.”

The city recently honored his life-long dedication to Mesquite by re-naming the area known as the ‘Mesquite Campus’ on North Yucca Street and christening it as the ‘Jimmy Hughes Campus.’

Hughes said at the time, “I just got things started and others have built upon it over time. I’m just proud to be a small part of it.”

He contrasted the town of Mesquite as it was in 1984 with the city of 2019, saying, “It’s like night and day. When we first became a city, we didn’t have a drugstore, or a hospital, or a lot of the amenities we have today. Some like it, some don’t. But it’s been good for our community.”

Current Mesquite Mayor Al Litman said of Hughes passing, “The city has lost a great friend and one of the finest men we’ve known. We owe a debt of gratitude to Jimmy for all the work he did to establish the city of Mesquite and allow us to build upon his vision.”