The monetary valuation of building permits issued by the City of Mesquite in August continued its upward trend hitting $5.783 million dollars with 89 permits signed out.

Compare those figures to a year ago: $3.675 million dollars tied up in 70 permits and it’s a pretty good sign things may be looking up for Mesquite.

Twenty-five permits worth $5.541 million were taken out in August for new single family homes. Of those only five permits were for new homes valued at less than $200,000.

Pulte Homes took 10 of the 25 permits for new homes in Sun City Del Webb. LHSC, Inc. took eight permits for homes in the Canyon Crest area while NRC got three permits for new homes. Western Constructors took two permits and Catamount Development and Maves Construction each took one.

A year ago only 17 permits were issued by the city for new home construction worth $2.836 million dollars.

Five permits for new businesses were issued in August compared to four issued in August 2014.

The number of permits issued for block walls fell from seven a year ago to three this year. Three grading permits were issued last year but none this year.  Permits in these two categories are usually an indicator of future new home or business construction.

Permits for swimming pools and spas also fell from August 2014’s high of four to zero this year.

In the first eight months of this year, the city has issued 673 permits worth $28.855 million dollars. That compares to January through August 2014 with 552 permits worth $26.163 million dollars.