Several years ago, we elected a young Senator who promised hope and change. We got the change aright and we certainty now have hope so what’s there to complain about? We got the change of taking America from the world’s number one power to a shell of its former self. Now we all hope for change because we have been going downhill everywhere for over 6 years.

When this young man took over from the last President, he used him as a scapegoat blaming everything on him. Doesn’t show much class, but it tended to keep the new kid from taking any blame for things going wrong and there were plenty of those. Our military seems impotent; our justice system has tilted to support black causes. Lady Justice has been fitted with blinders so she only sees supposed crimes again black people by white people.

Our economy has slid right on past zero, yet the Dept. of Labor continues to say unemployment is going down. It is sad about all those who no longer count. But those of you liars in the Dept. of Labor, should look at yourself in the mirror each morning and ask why am I lying to the American people? Only for a paycheck, how sad, you sold out your personal integrity and your country.

Everywhere we look, America is in decline. When a party can support a candidate who believes she is above the law and all of us, we are defiantly in decline. Whatever happened to the honor of the Democratic Party? At one time we were all Americans, but now I see some are Democratic and some Republican, how sad. When Nixon was exposed we all got together and said get rid of him.

Now we have a candidate that uses an un-secure server, which allowed the possibility of other countries discovering our secrets. Some people say it was just a small mistake, are they kidding? The Clintons are so smart that no one could hack their server. How arrogant, Snowden should have shown us all what countries could do, but the Clintons think Russia and China is no match for their smartness.

The current GOP candidate standings show how far we have fallen. The top people are non-politicians, we are tired of the liars who promise everything and deliver only enough to be reelected. Donald Trump and Ben Carson rising above the lifetime politicians just shows that we the people are awakening. Maybe it was the Tea Party or something else but we are awaking. Whether the takers and the bloodsuckers still have enough votes to elect the liars and the promisers, will not be known for a while but for now the message is clear.

Clean house, if they have been there more than two terms, let’s get rid of them. The truth is we need a few good Americans, are you out there? We have had a few stand up in the Republican Party and one in the Democratic Party but they are all under attack from within. It’s time for real change, Democrats, Independents and Republicans are we up for it?