I am writing to share my disappointment about the recent letter printed by one of our elected leaders, Cindi Delaney. It is gravely unfortunate that she does not value the lives of Mesquite workers and would put the lives of my fellow Mesquite residents in jeopardy from the proven negative health impacts of secondhand smoke. The health and well-being of the people she serves should be paramount. Every life matters. No worker should have to choose between a paycheck and their health.

Mesquite residents must evaluate closely the people we want to represent us. We must think carefully about what is important to us. I would hope that my fellow Mesquite residents realize that our health transfers into and impacts all areas of our lives and, if we are sick, we are not living fully and thriving. We all deserve good health. Why would we ever risk that?

N. Tabaska

Mesquite, NV