An online rating site SmartAsset, has named Mesquite as the fifth best place in Nevada for retirees to find the most social and recreational activities but the tenth best place to retire in the state. The study rated cities in Nevada for the number of doctor offices, recreation centers and retirement centers for every 1000 people, as well as overall taxes and the percentage of retirees in each city.

Mesquite lagged behind most other Nevada cities in one critical area – the number of doctor offices. The highest number for all rated Nevada cities was Las Vegas with slightly more than three doctor offices for every 1,000 residents. Mesquite has slightly less than one office for every 1,000 residents.

Florida dominated the index in part due to the high ratio of doctor offices to residents. Naples Florida, for example, had over 26 doctor offices for every 1,000 residents.

Mesquite was rated comparatively high for recreation centers and the percentage of the population that is retired.  Of all Nevada cities in the top ten Mesquite had the highest percentage of retirees, 26.2 percent, followed closely by Pahrump.

Taxes were calculated based on the effective rate for income and sales taxes based on a “typical” retiree earning $35,000 or less annually and spending their disposable income on taxable goods.

The low income level used by the study largely negates the absence of an income tax in Nevada. Most states with income taxes have a lower rate for low income tax payers and some states exempt social security and other retirement earnings.

From the factors, the site created a “best place to live” index used to compare cities.  In Nevada, Mesquite was rated tenth overall behind first place Garnerville and other cities such as Carson City, Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City.

On taxes, there was very little difference between Nevada cities, although communities in Clark County were slightly higher than those in other parts of the state.

Another factor favoring Florida over Nevada and the rest of the country was taxes.  While average taxation rates in Nevada ranged from 10.5 percent to 11.4 percent, taxes in the Florida cities rated were generally below 10 percent.  The lowest tax rate among the top ten cities nationally was Seaford, Delaware, with a rate of 5.2 percent.

The web site also rated cities nationally based on the same factors.  Of the top ten cities, nine were in Florida and one in Delaware.  Locally, Clark County was rated better than most counties nationally, but in the west the areas given the highest marks were predominately in Washington and Oregon.  The highest rated county in Nevada was Washoe.

Stuart, Florida, was rated the number one city according to the site.

For a full look at the methodology and an interactive map visit the SmartAsset website at: