Stuntman jumping over Mr. Rawlins, Mrs. Leavitt, Mrs. Reyes, Mrs. Stevens, and Mrs. Andrus Photo by Lana Hess.

Summer has ended for the Eagles at Beaver Dam Elementary School. The flock gathered at the home nest to be warmly greeted by top eagle Mrs. Phyllis Leavitt and her crew. This will be the best year ever for the students and it began in an extreme way!

At the Patriotic Ceremony the students were told to prepare for “lots of learning, lots of good times together, and many memories”. Mrs. Leavitt introduced the new faculty members. Mrs. Dayna Peterson and Mrs. Tina Ward will be teaching kindergarten. Mrs. Kimberly Beig will be in the resource room. Mrs. Amber Campbell will be teaching second grade. Mr. Darwin Rawlins is the new fifth grade teacher, and his wife, Mrs. Sherry Rawlins will be teaching fourth grade.

To set the stage for the year, a mind-blowing BMX Stunt Show was presented before classes started. Stunt bicyclists Mark Rubio and Mike Rodriquez enthralled the students with amazing bicycle skills. They rode up and over a ramp while demonstrating jump and flatland ground moves accompanied by exciting music. A highlight of the show was when they jumped over five teachers! The demonstration included commentary which encouraged students to do their best and follow their dreams. It was an amazing start to an extreme year!

The students were eager to share their enthusiasm for the presentation. Aiden Smith said, “It was cool when they did the back flips and went over the teachers!” Jeremiah Dominiquez, who does tricks on his own bike, said, “It was awesome. I liked the front and back flips.” Brooklyn Bulinski commented, “It was cool. They’re very good athletes.”

Back in their classrooms the eaglets got right down to work. Proof of this could be found in the bulletin boards which exhibited student work at the end of the day. It was an exciting beginning for what looks to be another fun-filled year of learning at Beaver Dam Elementary School.

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