To the Editor:

After reading the comments from our Mayor I have a few comments of my own as I use this facility five days a week.  Since this is a city run facility it should be “top notch” for our residents.

 Equipment in the weight room is NOT kept clean and working.  There has been a treadmill “out of order” for over two months (still not working).

 There is one treadmill that makes such a noise that no one wants t use it.  This has been ongoing for quite sometime.

 The fans over the treadmills are so dirty, big chunks of dirt come off them when they are turned on.

 The circuit room has older equipment and is used by others not only seniors.  The floor is dirty and the machines need new batteries in them.  There is one piece of equipment that has been “out of order” for over a month (still not working).

 Pool area: for a public pool I find it amazing that it is not kept cleaner than it is.  The tile is very dirty, not sure when it was last cleaned; the pool bottom is full of dirt, not sure when the last time it was cleaned.  The women’s locker room has toilets that the automatic flush is broken and has been for sometime.  The family dressing rooms are very dirty, floors, sinks, shower area and the bugs are bad.

Ronnie Curtis