Despite having five penalty shots at Coral Canyon on Tuesday, Sept. 20 Tim Bergstrom was able to shoot 84 and tie for medalist honors with Kim Tomsic. Both players bogeyed the first handicap hole but Bergstrom won the title on the 418 yard par four seventh hole.

But not all was lost for Tomsic as his 84 was a net 71 giving him the first place low net award. It was a one shot victory over Ben Bishop (91) and a net 72. Third low net was won by Bill Irace (86) at net74. Glad to see some of your “demons” are gone. Russ Clark with 54-44-98 got 4th low net and broke a three way tie with Ray Halicki (100) and Dick Swayne (96) all at net 78. Clark won with a par. Halicki earned the 5th and last spot with a bogey leaving Swayne hoping for a better next time.


Sometimes it takes a little luck to shoot the lowest score. On Thursday, Sep. 22 at Sky Mt in Hurricane Utah, Bubba Petrick recorded the lowest score of the day with a 39-40-79. But his second shot on the 18th hole was pulled left and hit a cement block wall and bounced back on to the course. He had a five foot side hill putt for five and made it for his 79. Ben Bishop shot 44-42-86 and was rewarded first place low net with 68. Tim Bergstrom (84) and Paul LeVan (81) tied for second low net at 72. Bergstrom earned number two with a par on the first handicap hole and LeVan’s bogey dropped him to third. Bill Irace (86x) and playing partner Ed Hoepfner (86) tied for the last net place with 74 which Hoepfner won by default.

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