Cell phones come in different colors, multiple apps, slimmer and sleek looking casings… not to mention all the gadgets that you can purchase in order to accessorize that phone you have; but one particular accessory making the news right now is the ‘selfie stick.’  It’s been around for a bit now, but it’s recently been banned in the Disney’s Theme Parks. Clearly, there is an obsession with picture taking like never before, but with so many people taking photos of themselves, stretching out your arm only goes so far; so someone came up with an idea to use a stick, this way you can get a better shot and it won’t be in your face. It enables one to get a great background or action shot, depending where it’s taken. At the Disney parks, people wanted to get action shots on some of their rides, but the problem there are the possible risks it brings while on the ride. I don’t blame Disney at all for their ‘banning’ of the selfie stick. In fact, I am sure others will follow suit very soon.

Obsessions with cell phones have people running every time there is a new one on the market, as it comes with better technology or new apps. One of the features I have enjoyed is the ‘voice to text’ applications. I just speak into the phone and it writes out the message, enabling me to just click the ‘send’ button when I’m done speaking. But it’s not all that really, because it doesn’t always write the ‘right’ word or words you speak. So…I asked myself this week “Am I obsessed with my cell phone?” My answer is quite clear… “No, I am not.” Yes, I travel everywhere with it, it’s my lifeline so-to-speak, but I do not enjoy it during certain times (like dinner, etc.), nor do I like using it while driving. These are common problems we see in everyday living, including in homes that family members cannot seem to put their phones down… even during a movie. I see this with children of all ages… constantly, like when they come for a visit, but all they are doing is engaging in games or texting, with their heads down into the face of the phone. Or maybe they are taking selfies and sending photos thru ‘Snapchat’ so their friends can see what they are doing at that very moment; “Crazy?” I think so. I believe that the next generation will have many obsessions with technology, but the cell phone will most likely be the number one craze, as it does so many things.

Recently I began using the ‘note’ application for a reminder of subjects while I’m out and about. Now, normally I use paper and pen (believe it or not), but I thought to myself… I don’t use half of the stuff on my phone, so I’d give some new things a try. While I do enjoy the social media on my phone, I can’t help but think about a ‘Simpler’ lifestyle lately. Whatever happened to using a cell phone just for calling people? Texting to me is so impersonal, but has become a way of life for many of us… “I get that.” But no matter what we talk about or preach about, people are still doing things they shouldn’t do with their cell phones. I’m referring to texting and driving, and now taking selfies while driving; deaths that are caused from cell phones. People everywhere are obsessed with their phones and what they can do. I’ll take the simpler times…like when people used cameras to photograph that special moment, or used radios and brought them on picnics, and maybe some maps for that vacation you were taking… remember a thing called “Rand McNally?” the famous road atlas. I understand that the phones do it all for you today, and I can appreciate that… but it doesn’t mean I have to like it all. If I am completely honest here, I can tell you I don’t know how to use over 50% of what’s on my phone… and I’m okay with that. To each their own, but whatever your choice may be… don’t get obsessed over a cell phone, Life has too much to offer. Take time and enjoy the ride.

Make your week count.