Chamber exec copyLeaving the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce is something my husband and I decided would be the very best thing for me personally. It’s been a wild ride but now I’m ready to jump off this train and take a vacation, something I have not made time for since I arrived in January of last year. It just didn’t fit into my busy schedule. Chamber CEOs work many nights and weekends in addition to office hours.  Now I’m ready to rest before my next great adventure.

I must say I’ve made some lifetime friends and possibly a few enemies, but that just comes with anything you do when you are working for the greater good.  I’ve been honored in many ways and am thankful for all the learning experiences.  I have no plans to leave Mesquite.  I love it here.  It fits my rebel mindset.

I have requested that no fuss be made on my departure.  I don’t need that.  I leave the Chamber knowing I did the very best job I was capable of in the circumstances I was handed.  My prayer for Mesquite is we all be respectful of each other, even when we disagree.

Thank you citizens and businesses of Mesquite.  Vickywalter