Over a dozen community members attended the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting at the Falcon Ridge Car Wash on Wednesday, June 3, including Mayor Al Litman, center, who cut the ribbon. Photo by Stephanie Frehner.

Since May 15, 2015, the new Falcon Ridge Car Wash has resided across from Wal-Mart on W Pioneer Boulevard. The 24-hour wash has been built with new equipment, tools and features that the other three existing washes in town may lack.

The biggest of those features may be the RV Bay that is available to use. With its location just off of the I-15, those passing by Mesquite might just stop to clean up their RV’s as this is the only one in town to accommodate them. There are also a soft-touch bay, touch-free bay and two self-service bays to provide customers with whichever method they prefer. The self-service bays also have an ‘Air Shammy’ that will allow customers to blow off any excess water on their vehicle.

carwash3In the back of the wash, there are six vacuums available. Two of them have a fragrance feature available with three fragrance choices. Two have a ‘shampoo and spot removal’ feature and the other two are the basic vacuums.

“We’re happy to have new equipment and have something on this side of town for people to use,” said Richard Israelsen, the Interim Manager of the business. “This facility is really built to be self – supporting. The equipment inside needs to be maintained, but overall, it has been really reliable for the three weeks we’ve been open.”

Very soon, there will also be a loyalty card program that will give regular customers some savings off of their purchases. It will also be web-based so that funds and discounts can be purchased from their website, which will also be completed soon.

The most important thing, however, may be the use of the water the business will utilize. For the touch-free car wash, it uses about 60 gallons of water per cycle, because that is all that is used with the soap to wash the vehicle (no brushes). The soft-touch bay only uses about 25 to 30 gallons per operation. Those concerned with the build up of dirt and grime on the brushes can rest easy. The Falcon Ridge Car Wash uses a special kind of brushes, called Foam Bright, a foam material that won’t hold dirt and grime and won’t damage to vehicles. The brushes are constantly sprayed down with a soap lubricant to keep residue from building up, too, not to mention the reverse osmosis and water softening systems that reduce the effects caused by the harsh water available in the Virgin Valley.Carwash2

“We’ve had every kind of car come through here, and we haven’t had any problems,” said Israelsen.

After the water is used in a wash, it drips down into a drain basin that then filters it through two large tanks that continue to filter approximately 95% of the chemicals, oils and other harmful deposits washed off of vehicles before it is sent to the City’s sewer system. Each drain can easily hold lots of the sediment and can be accessed easily when that sediment needs to be removed.

Israelsen also stated that they are dedicated to keeping each customer satisfied. Anyone who has used the wash and has had any problems with it is encouraged to call 702-346-0623. “We are determined to make things right if something does go wrong,” he added.

The Falcon Ridge Car Wash is open all 24-hours, and they are looking for several people who would like to be an attendant at the business to help customers between five and six hours a day. Those interested in the position may call Israelsen at the number above and leave a message; he will return all calls as soon as possible.