It’s time to renew my business license for Delaney Studio. That means that I need to check to make sure my D.B.A. (Doing Business As) is up to date and that all the proper paperwork is filed with the State of Nevada before I head down to city hall to give them a check. Easy right?

Are you thinking of opening a business in Mesquite? A little concerned about the paperwork?

Don’t be.

It’s really a simple process. In fact, our business licensing department will walk you all the way through the process. They’ve even been known to help with paperwork and will offer you a slew of information to help your business be successful.

In fact, you can even take care of it online! And they have a FAQ section.

At any rate, I thought I’d use this opportunity to answer a few of the most common questions I get asked about opening/running a business in Mesquite and about the licensing process.


Who needs a business license?

If you are conducting business in Mesquite you need a business license. A business is defined as a person, firm or organization involved in the trade of goods, services or both to consumers.

So if you are charging people  to mow lawns, paint houses, walk dogs or any other service you need a business license.

If you are an  independent contractor working under the license of a different business and you are not an employee, you need a license. An employee can be defined by how you file your taxes.

Of course if you have a ‘sticks and bricks’ operation of any kind, you need a license.


Why do we need to license businesses?

We license businesses to help protect you, the consumer. With a business license we know who is conducting business in our city. For some businesses we require background checks. Some businesses have to be cleared through some other agency, ie. Southern Nevada Health District. All of these things are done to protect the citizens.


What if I know someone is operating a business without a license?

Please contact our licensing department with your concerns. Photos of signs and or business being conducted is helpful.

The first response is to contact the proprietor and notify them that they are not in compliance. We explain how to fix the situation and give them time to make the correction.

Please note that operating a business without a license if a misdemeanor and is punishable by a maximum of a $2,000 fine and or six months in jail.

Now, none of this means we are going to go running around tracking down every Avon rep, Mary Kay Associate or DoTerra sales person. We don’t have the staff for that, nor do we see any sense in that endeavor. This is not an attempt to punish people.

What I am suggesting is that if you are conducting a full time business in Mesquite, protect your customers and yourself by following the rules. Be fair to other businesses that are trying to follow the rules.

Cindi Delaney is one of the original founders of Mesquite Local News and has lived in Mesquite since 2005. She is an award winning writer, designer and photographer, owning a home-based portrait studio, Delaney Studio. She was appointed to City Council on May 27, 2014. Send your questions and comments to

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