Mesquite Fire Rescue responded to a “smoke” investigation in the area of 470 Turtleback Road just after 9 p.m. Saturday evening.   While units were enroute, dispatch advised that they were now receiving multiple calls reporting a garage on Canyon View Way heavily involved with fire.  The first arriving engine found an attached garage with heavy smoke showing and obvious evidence of high heat on the exterior stucco. Police officers already on the scene reported that the occupants of the home had already evacuated and were accounted for.MLN-Fire1jun4-15MLN-Fire3jun4-15 MLN-Fire4jun4-15

The first arriving 2 man engine crew quickly utilized a rotary saw to cut a small hole in the roll up door and began applying water to the fire to keep it in check. Once another crew arrived, the door was pulled the rest of the way down and the remaining pockets of fire were quickly extinguished.  A car in the garage was also destroyed and it is not believed to have been a factor in the fire starting, although it certainly contributed to the intensity of the fire. A thorough search of the interior of the home confirmed there were no victims in the structure and that the fire had not extended into the inteMLN-Fire2jun4-15rior of the house, although there was some smoke and heat damage in the laundry room. The investigation into this fire is ongoing.

One citizen was evaluated by paramedics at the scene after tripping on a fire hose in front of her house, but she denied transport to the hospital.  There were no other injuries to citizens or firefighters.

Before the final unit cleared this incident, 3 additional high priority medical calls for service were received. All calls for service were handled by a combination of Mesquite Fire Rescue personnel assisted by crews from Beaver Dam Fire. In addition to this fire, this shift responded to a total of 25 calls for service in their 48 hours on shift, 16 of them from 7 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. on the day of this fire.

Responding Units: E-11. T-31, R-11, E-31(Callback Crew), Rescue 12(Callback Crew),  Chief 2, Beaver Dam E-11 and Chief 101, Mesquite PD.

(All photos courtesy of Mesquite Fire Rescue)