On the evening of Wednesday, April 22, hundreds of young women (ages 12-18) along with their leaders attended a first aid night to prepare for a summer girls camp.  MLN-Clinic1may14-15 MLN-Clinic2may14-15

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsored the first aid clinic that was held at the LDS chapel on Arrowhead, lasting for two hours.  Keith Browning, a member of the Mesquite Fire Department headed the training and was accompanied by other members of both the Mesquite and Bunkerville fire departments. Special thanks to Spencer Lewis, Brian Haviland, Royce Browning and Derek Davis.

The girls were trained for the simplest of treatments, such as bandages and stings to the most severe, like CPR.  The Fire Department provided dummies for the girls to practice their CPR skills, as well as splints and gauze to practice helping victims with broken bones.

In July of this year, the young women will attend a summer girls’ camp in the Kolob Mountains in Utah.  As part of their activities they are asked to learn certain skills in order to certify in their age group. The first aid techniques they learned on this evening will help them pass off certification skills and help them to be prepared for emergencies they may encounter while at camp.  Photos by Brylie Beaumont