Team #20 from left to right are Screeners Clair Christensen, Pam Zupo, Mariann Estes, Mark Guertin. Submitted photo.

Docutah will again be presenting its award-winning films in Mesquite in early October, according to Gerri Chasko, spokeswoman at the Eureka, a major sponsor of the event.

Local teams have been busy evaluating the submitted films, which come from all over the world, since mid-March.  Two of the five Mesquite teams, lead by Barb King, are viewing movies and judging them in many categories, including storyline, cinematography, editing, dialogue, narration, sound effects, music and graphics. There are twenty-five other teams from St. George also processing films.

The evaluators assign subject and caution codes, age appropriate ranges, predict audience reactions and rate each film with numbers, finally giving it a one to ten, indicating if it is worthy of appearing in the festival.

Pictured are the screeners from Team #20. They, along with Team #18, which includes Barb King, Wanda Eckhardt and Nancy Ballou meet at the Eureka and watch films together.

The teams are having fun and they say the quality of films is quite good this year. They say that Mesquite is very fortunate to have such fine work shown in its local theatres.  They are proud to be part of Docutah.