To the Editor:

I am writing to respond to a letter in your last edition from Lloyd Love, “Mesquite Casinos Second Hand Smoke Is A Killer.”

Every restaurant in Mesquite is smoke free and the restaurants within casinos are also smoke free.  If you make a choice to take your grandchildren through a casino, it is not as if you don’t know there is smoke in there.  Your responsibility, if you feel so strongly, is to protect your grandchildren from areas where smoking is legally allowed.  In reality a casino for many reasons is not a good environment for children, but I digress.

For every study that second hand smoke is a killer there is another that disputes that fact.

A more responsible choice by a grandparent is what is needed here, not an attack on smokers who have just a few places to go where they can smoke.  Smokers also have rights.

Connie Foust