As usual there is so much news today it is hard to discern what is relevant and what is not.  What is truth and what is not truth.

Recently I was watching KTNV news out of Las Vegas as they were covering the one year anniversary of the Bundy Rally.  The onsite reporter referred to Cliven Bundy as a “tea party darling”.

That came as big news as Cliven Bundy has never been a member of the tea party, nor have we as a group ever supported Mr. Bundy.  As a matter of record I did visit with Mr. Bundy to encourage him to send the militia’s packing and he refused to do so.

To be clear, we do not support government over reach; but we also believe in the rule of law.  The antics of the BLM were not acceptable and that is why we held a rally in Las Vegas requesting Sheriff Gillespie step up and do the job he was elected to do and have the BLM withdraw from the area.

The next day he did that.

What I find is the tea party is used when it benefits an agenda and also abused when progressives want to push forward their agenda.

What we need today is a civil society for we cannot have a Republic without a civil society.  Everyone in this country cannot be a victim and require help or redress from the government.  To push the progressive movement forward, you must feel as if you are a victim and sign on to their belief system.

Right now the progressive left is working on making the middle class the victim of the day.  This is how they push for more government control on your life and your loss of freedom.

The progressive left is not liberal in the sense of old day politics, the progressive left is a Marxist movement who uses political correctness to push white guilt on the middle class, this is called cultural Marxism.  They are left wing and not true liberals.

The day before Hillary Clinton announced her not surprising run for the presidency, her campaign staff held a dinner for the mainstream media. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Associated Press and a few others.  The purpose of this gathering was to get everyone on board with her message.  Her message will be those in the middle class are the new victims in our society and she is just like one of us.

Hillary Clinton is not like one of us and it is a foolish and I hope a defeating approach to her campaign.  I hope there are still those in the middle class who value personal responsibility as the best approach to living their lives.  We do not need another Clinton in the Whitehouse.  I would add we do not need another Bush in the Whitehouse.  We need a fresh face, we need a leader and we need someone who is very smart.  A person who will put the country and the constitution before ambition.

I am watching to see if that person emerges from the pack.  There are some good possibilities but we have a long way to go before we step into the voting booth and determine our fate.